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The ornaments look great.Many thanks.Just finished one TV interview because of them.We should get lots of press and raise money for a good cause.  Hopefully next year we double the qty. J

From Denise at IUHealth

All went well.  She was very touched and in awe by the intricate detail of the work. She passed it around the room for everyone to see.  Later that day she had another retirement ceremony and brought it for others to see. Everyone talked about it.  It is so amazing in person.

I have already had some inquiries about your company and have passed on the link to your site. 

Your  service was individualized, prompt, accommodated details for desired customization. 


From Orange County Automobile Dealers

Just wanted to let you know that we received the car award yesterday and it looks amazing!! Thank you so much for all your work, and I’m sure our Auto Show Chairman will love it as much as we do!

Thanks again,